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Had a hard time figuring out what to do sometimes, and some things I could interact with seemed to serve no purpose, like the TV. But overall, I thought it was a good game.



what a great little game!


I really enjoyed this game and it definetly had a creepy atmosphere! Great job! 

Damn I hate mannequins!



Awesome game atmosphere! I ended up removing one of my earphones cuz it was too spooky :p

10/10 will play again :P

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The Mannequin is a short horror demo that shows a lot of promise! There are some predicable moments in there, but the atmosphere is still very strong! 

I especially like the idea used with the photos and development, then following the photo. That could be utilised to great effect, and could add some genuinely creepy moments. 

I know it says that production has stopped on this project for the time being, but I do hope it resumes as it could be a very nice indie title.

Here’s my play through for those interested:


Hello, cool game.  Are you looking for music or SFX for a later version or a future project?  I'm a producer/musician/composer and have done some music for horror games in game jams.  Hit me up if you're interested, but cool project regardless.

The mannequin is a vey well put together game. I'm sure the only gripe which has been said a billion times is that I wish there was audio to the text. Atleast maybe it would help if the text didn't go by too fast. I tried to speed read through it and, commentate but sometimes it was fast. I got jump scared several times so hats off to that! XD

I have to say for being a demo this game is very well made, I never knew what to expect around each corner haha. I now have a new fear of mannequins

It was soooo fun!



Nooo! I want to find out what happened to Sophie.  Even if it clearly isn't going to be good.  She is obviously trying to show us something.

Would the rest of the game end in us providing her spirit with some closure? (Or will it have a more sinister ending?)  I hope the developer finishes the game one day and charges for it.

hola muy pero que muy buena la demo muy original espero que pronto esté terminada , y me ha gustado mucho que incluyeran el mando para poder usarlo, y espero que cuando esté terminado tenga voces en español o subtitulos  por lo menos. Saludos y felicitaciones.

A good and scary game. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!

 WHAT WAS THAT?! (((╹д╹;))) Oh, it's just a demonic mannequin..

---Thoughts and Impressions!---

Played the whole demo which lasted around 15-20 minutes or so for me. Had some good spooks 'n goofs. The vibes were scary as well when just roaming the house looking for clues. Wish they had put in some voice over work possibly since there was a good amount of text/dialogue to read. 

Personally, the 'spook to goof' ratio for "The Mannequin"------- 85% spooks: 15% goofs

It's a mostly spooky game with few things to goof on. There were a few times where some really low textures or the spiderwebs made me giggle or took me out of it in the video above.

Definitely check it out!

This could end up making a really great game. I think the lack of the voice actors did hinder the demo a bit, but the concept of the game is really cool and its being carried out very nicely. I really hope it gets finished soon. 

Really interesting story and monster! Really scary, made me jump a ton and cry a bunch! 10/10 would never want to see the mannequin again! 

Nice game, so scary :D 

This game has a nice house design, nice changing environment, fairly predictable in terms of when the jump scares will happen, but they are pretty good nonetheless.  The game is missing a lot without the voice acting.  Reading the story in the current manner is too distracting from the actual game.  I like a lot of the atmosphere, a lot of the mood.  The way the radio tells part of the story for instance is a nice touch.  Didn't find anything on the tv, perhaps I missed it.  All in all it was fun, not particularly scary for me personally, but I enjoyed playing it. 

Awesome Demo! Both Scary and Exciting :) I hope this games development continues in the future.


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Markiplier plays The Mannequin 

will not work its missing app data after I extract files even when I try just to run will not run at all 


Hi, did you extract all files to the same folder? Usually missing app data means something went wrong with the extraction, so I'd recommend re-downloading the files and trying again.

Scary check, story check, mystery.... You'll have to play to find out.

And if you ask me it's worth a playthrough, it's not too long if you've got a keen eye and its was engaging enough to keep full attention throughout.

I'm interested to see what the full game will be like since in my opinion this is a tidy little fear present as is.


Great potential here, thanks for the demo!

I played the demo and it was thrilling.Very atmospheric,nice graphics and the music is awesome.You should not be so describing in your loading section for instance do not write loading this or loading that because you let the player have an idea of the house architecture before he plays and you spoil the atmosphere.Just write "Loading".

Hi! I really enjoyed this game! I got so into it that I forgot I was even playing a demo. I can't wait to see the full game! I'm really interested to see where the story goes from there. 

Really enjoyed this demo I can't wait for the full release. I also look forward to some voice acting as it is the mannique shrieking is pretty good though.

The game so far is really good!  The atmosphere and everything seems promising!  Can't wait to see what happens for the future of this game great job! :) 

This game is awesome. I am really looking forward to the full release and the voice actors. Despite it being so short it left me with the feeling of wanting more. If you have some time to kill and are interested in a really good demo, this game will do the trick!

I agree with some people about there being voice acting however the gameplay is spot on and the atmosphere was amazing, can't wait to see the full release of this game if it goes that far....I hate Mannequins.

I think you have some really strong concepts, but I think some things need to be fixed, I cant wait until there are voice actors so I can listen instead of talk, even though this is a demo I would have really liked to be able to press the sentences after I read them so I wasn't missing anything. Switching back and forth between the times had me a bit confused at times, but I think things look great when they are actually switched. I do love how you used switching between the times though, I liked using the film roll and having to fix up the stands in the attic, I thought that was phenomenal transitioning. And even if they each got me I would like to see you use the mannequin in more ways like the shadow on the wall that lead to the bathroom, I think more of a scare comes from it just being there or around you or in the corner of the room just watching you, even if you have the occasional jump scare it makes it feel like something more sinister is at work. I am interested in the story though, I hope its way more than just like hey they had a haunted mannequin, I'm wondering if it was a child that may have been abused in the family, and thats why that one is broken and cracked compared to the pretty clean family ones, maybe it was something from around the time of the "past" I think you have something very cool! I can't wait to see what this can become when its cleaned up! Great job

This game shitted me up so much. And the fact that I HATE mannequins. Really enjoyable game. Looking forward to see what you do with it 

nice game short and sweet i hope also there is more to come from this game it seems to me that this story has more to offer. good work two tails :). please do subscribe for daily videos & let me know what games you want me to play.

Loved the game, even tho it wasn't really optimised. But still the story seems interesting.

There are a few down sides to the game as i've mentioned in the game, but i would really love to see it finished! 

I can't wait to see the final project! And also I am intrigued by the story :) (PS Dolls and Mannequins freak me out) 

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This was a really awesome demo as it had great atmosphere thanks to mannequin being creepy in general which did a good job in creating this creepy atmosphere n on top of that I loved at times mannequin appeared at places like when u look back to see him standing was really dope. Im surely looking forward to the full version along with voice acting which is a really interesting thing Im looking forward to n the lore in general as well

The game is amazing, waiting for full version!

very cool and scary game liked it a lot love how the graphics look  very sharp and detailed the only problem i had with this game is i could not keep a solid 60 fps   but might be my end not for sure but other then that very good game keep it up and cant wait for more!!

Please please please continue with this awesome game!

This game was pretty solid! There were some performance issues but I'm STILL unsure whether it was my PC or just the game's optimization. It just got super frame-skippy near the middle of the gameplay. The mechanics and puzzle solving was awesome and didn't distract too much from the atmosphere. I didn't have to linger too long on anything. The jump scares were perfect. They weren't over the top like a lot of horror games these days. Overall, it really felt nostalgic. It had that 'classic' feel that a lot of older indie horror games had back in the day (back in the day meaning like 4-5 years ago xD) - I really enjoyed this experience! Thanks so much for making this!

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