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Today on the A Very Meowy Christmas livestream (AVMC), we have the biggest jumpscare we’ve ever had!. It's time to get spooked on today's stream as we play, The Mannequin!

Good demo, my dog appreciated it too :D

Very good. Amazing graphics. 

This game rocks ...We really liked the demo we 're hopping that a full release of this game will be in order...


The Mannequin... What can I say about this game other that it scared the CRAP out of me! I'm not sure if it was the eerie atmosphere or the fact that I HATE mannequins, but it got me good ^^' If I had to give one complaint about the game, it's that it seemed to be using up a lot of gpu/cpu power (Not sure which one) I can't believe I'm saying this but... I really excited for the full game to be released! Do you know about when it'll be released?

THIS HOUSE IS EVIL!  also can't wait for the full game great job!

This demo shows great promise for a horror game. It has lots of great scares and a narrative that draws you in slowly. I had a great time playing it, you can check out my lets play below, but I also recommend playing this game for yourself, you'll be happy you did.  Cant wait for the full game. 

the game was a bit laggy but it was still freaky! :D

ACK! when will this be done. The SUSPENSEESSS. This was a really good play!

This game was great! I'm excited to play more in the future!

Loved this want to see a full game :D

When the full game comes out I AM SO GOING TO GET IT!

Here's my playthrough of it: 

I absolutely hated the flashlight in this game. It kept making things slowly form out of the darkness, which only made everything creepier! Great demo, looking forward to seeing what comes next!


only the good horror games include a shitty nokia torch to light your way. really sets the ambiance.

Hah, if I had a Nokia torch I'd have nothing to fear! I'd just keep it between me and whatever monstrosity lurks in the dark, and I'd be pretty much invulnerable xD


This demo is really cool, I like lights (but flashlight seemed too weak, dunno if this is good or bad) and sound and creepy story!

Promising looking game!

Love this game

Awesome game! Great atmosphere and tension. I'll be waiting for the full game for sure! 

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

it a very big pleasure to play this demo game thank you two tails.


It's good to be back!

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The Mannequin Demo (2018)



This was a great demo, can't wait for the full game.


i really enjoyed playing the game, to start off, graphic wise, it looks really good. you guys really put a lot work into, it can been seen by how detailed the house setting was, from the little knick knacks on the tables to the torn up paper wall covers (or whatever they are called lol) it runs really smooth, did experience one little glitch where the mannequins hand  auto connects to the mannequins arm part, it set up incorrectly, it made me crack up; but other than that i didn't  really experience any other glitches.    also the mystery revolving the mannequin drew me into wanting to find out what really happened to the family and the mystery revolving the missing girl and how they could potentially be a connection between them? (spooky bro) i hope this game gets a full release or maybe there is one already?

anyways amazing job on the game. keep up the good work guys!

Had a hard time figuring out what to do sometimes, and some things I could interact with seemed to serve no purpose, like the TV. But overall, I thought it was a good game.



what a great little game!


I really enjoyed this game and it definetly had a creepy atmosphere! Great job! 

Damn I hate mannequins!



Awesome game atmosphere! I ended up removing one of my earphones cuz it was too spooky :p

10/10 will play again :P

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The Mannequin is a short horror demo that shows a lot of promise! There are some predicable moments in there, but the atmosphere is still very strong! 

I especially like the idea used with the photos and development, then following the photo. That could be utilised to great effect, and could add some genuinely creepy moments. 

I know it says that production has stopped on this project for the time being, but I do hope it resumes as it could be a very nice indie title.

Here’s my play through for those interested:


Hello, cool game.  Are you looking for music or SFX for a later version or a future project?  I'm a producer/musician/composer and have done some music for horror games in game jams.  Hit me up if you're interested, but cool project regardless.

The mannequin is a vey well put together game. I'm sure the only gripe which has been said a billion times is that I wish there was audio to the text. Atleast maybe it would help if the text didn't go by too fast. I tried to speed read through it and, commentate but sometimes it was fast. I got jump scared several times so hats off to that! XD

I have to say for being a demo this game is very well made, I never knew what to expect around each corner haha. I now have a new fear of mannequins

It was soooo fun!



Nooo! I want to find out what happened to Sophie.  Even if it clearly isn't going to be good.  She is obviously trying to show us something.

Would the rest of the game end in us providing her spirit with some closure? (Or will it have a more sinister ending?)  I hope the developer finishes the game one day and charges for it.

hola muy pero que muy buena la demo muy original espero que pronto esté terminada , y me ha gustado mucho que incluyeran el mando para poder usarlo, y espero que cuando esté terminado tenga voces en español o subtitulos  por lo menos. Saludos y felicitaciones.

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