A downloadable game for Windows

An adventure puzzle game where the world is invisible and you must solve puzzles by uncovering areas of the world using an ability called True sight.

  • Explore the mysterious hidden world at your own pace.
  • Solve puzzles in order to power up special relays which unlock new areas.
  • Discover long lost secrets and find out the history behind this strange planet.

Try out the demo below.

This is an unfinished prototype and is no longer in development.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorTwo Tails
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
TagsExploration, First-Person, Low-poly


The Forgotten - Windows zip 63 MB


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Interesting puzzles. A good experience overall.

awesome game :D

The limited view distance took some getting used to, but (together with the music) provides a nice dream-like feeling when playing. You also do all the right things to make it easy for the player to adapt, like the 'path stones' that show you the way, and not hiding anything 'far away'.

So I liked this quite a lot and hope that 'no longer in development' is for the prototype only, not for a full game.

The short view distance is a little weird, but I like the mechanics.


This was a cool little puzzle demo man keep up the great work